the MOTHERload Giveaway [serwa chic]

You and I both know that mothers don’t get nearly the credit they deserve, do they? The work of a Mama is never ending, and she rarely sees the rewards for her labors until much later in life. Don’t get me wrong – Dads are insanely important and play such an incredibly vital role in the family – but I think we can all agree that a Mom’s work tends to get overlooked and often taken for granted.
That’s why I want to celebrate this Mother’s Day with a bang! I want to sincerely thank every mother out there who is loving her children – teaching her children that they are wonderful because they were created with intentionality and purpose, and showing her children that they are loved unconditionally. Child by child, mothers are striving to make this world a better place, and mothers…I salute and honor you.
If you’re a Mother, have a Mother, are married to a Mother, are soon to be a Mother, want to eventually be a Mother, or just know a Mother….
 this giveaway is perfect for you!
This is the MOTHERload Giveaway, and I’m quite frankly…giving away quite the motherload of goods! In fact, the gift basket is worth $276!

To further honor and show my appreciation for Mothers across the globe, Serwa Chic will be offering a 15% discount on ALL products from now until Mother’s Day! Just enter the code lovethemoms at checkout for this awesome discount!
Make sure you enter this insane giveaway with awesome prizes. After all, you deserve it!
Entering is so easy, just CLICK HERE! 

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