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I’m not sure why, but most people in our lives have assumed that we’ll home school. They’re always very surprised when we tell them our prayers, research, and experience have led us to believe putting our children in the public school system is the best choice for us, our family, and our kiddos.

I’ve put a lot of thought into homeschooling – and am truthfully not finished thinking and praying about it. Shawn and I continue to feel like homeschooling is not the best option for us, but I decided to do a homeschooling test run this summer. Home education has always been important to me, and I’ve always felt like the school system should really just be a supplement to what I’m teaching my kids at home.

I’ve also long felt like summer is a great opportunity to work with my kids in creative ways to improve some of their educational struggles and explore learning in ways we might not have tried. This summer seemed like the perfect time to make an official summer curriculum to “homeschool” my two boys before gearing up for preschool again in the fall.

With my usual OCD gusto, I set to work making plans, lists, and finding resources. Dude.

It’s not easy. I got so overwhelmed, I almost started crying and really wanted to just give up. In fact, I was seriously considering scrapping everything when a friend of mine asked if I wouldn’t mind giving her a copy of the curriculum I was planning [she has two little ones about the same ages as mine, so they’re working on the same concepts!]. I told her I’d love to, and sat my overwhelmed butt down to once again figure it out. 

Several days, many hours, and much frustration later – I finished.

For no other reason than to show you how hard I worked, I hope you don’t mind if I share with you the 2012 Summer Curriculum. Well, maybe there is another reason. There’s no use in having a learning plan if we don’t actually follow through with it, so I might also be putting this out there for a small level of accountability.

Do you like how I use you, Internet friends? 

I’m aware most of you will be bored by this, but feel free to use it or the resources I’ve found if you so desire. You know, just in case you’re struggling to learn your colors or shapes. Also, I realize that my boys’ real names are on this document. I could go through and edit the entire thing to say, “Bug” and “Bear,” but really…who has the time?

Just don’t try to steal my kids and we’ll forget it ever happened, okay? Okay.

Week One: Spanish

Objectives: Teach basic Spanish words


-Notecard w/Spanish nouns taped to objects around the house

-Flashcards w/Spanish verbs

-Play Simon Says with Spanish verbs

Week Two: Safety

Objectives: First, Middle, Last names, First, Middle, Last Names of Mom & Dad, Address, Phone Numbers, Crossing the Street, Cutting w/ Scissors


-Phone # Song

-Crossing the street Song

-Have Jude color and cut a puzzle for Cohen to play with

-Jude: print scissor skills worksheet


-Post phone #s in a place kids can see them


Monthly Focus: Politeness [please, thank you, m’aim, sir, excuse me]

Week Three: Clock and Counting

Objectives [Jude]: Learn how to tell the difference between the big hand and the little hand, Learn how to tell the time by hours, Learn how to “read” a digital clock


-Clock worksheets



-Clock Chart

Objectives [Cohen]: Learn to count to 5 and recognize numbers 1-5


-Number matching game

-Focused playtime

Week Four: Emotions and Drawing a Face

Objectives [Jude]: Learn how to identify angry and sad, and learn tools to appropriately cope with those emotions


Objectives [Cohen]: Learn to identify eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc. Practice drawing a face.


-Identify facial features on print outs


-Color faces in circles [possibly with sidewalk chalk outside]

-Use printable playdough mats to make faces [at-home laminate]


Week Five: Writing Letters and Identifying Letters

Objectives [Jude]: Practice writing letters


-Letter writing worksheets

-Sidewalk chalk writing

Objectives [Cohen]: Learn to identify letters


-Use letter flashcards during mealtimes

-Make and play with ABC puzzle

Week Six: Phonics and Letter Sounds

Objectives [Jude]: Begin sounding out words and reading short words


-ABC caterpillar

-Library trip to find easy-reader books

Objectives [Cohen]: Begin learning letter sounds

-Continue use of flash cards and ABC puzzle

-Library trip to find ABC books


Monthly Focus: Theology [Shawn’s Book]

Week Seven: 

Phonics and 2-3 Word Sentences

Science: Animals and Animal Sounds

Objectives [Jude]: Continue sounding out words and reading short words, Learn about animals, their habits and their habitats


-Letter of the Week Phonics Lesson Plan

-Trip to the zoo

Objectives [Cohen]: Practice talking in 2-3 word sentences, Learn basic animal sounds


-Focused attention on using 2-3 words at a time, especially when he is wanting something

-Focused playtime, reading animal books and teaching sounds

-Trip to the zoo

Week Eight: 

Sight Words and In, On, Over, Under

Science: Senses

Objectives [Jude]: Begin learning simple sight words, Learn the five senses


-Sight words parking lot

Senses Activities:


- [Smell] [Touch]

Help write senses poems:

Objectives [Cohen]: Learn the concepts of over, under, in, on, above, beside, behind, Learn the five sense



-Focused playtime for in, on, etc.

-Same senses activity as Jude

Week Nine: 

Drawing shapes and identifying shapes

Science: Plants and Colors

Objectives [Jude]: Learn to draw triangles, squares, rectangles, ovals, Learn how plants work


-Shape tracing worksheet


-Draw shapes with sidewalk chalk

-Find library books about plants

-Focus on our garden

Objectives [Cohen]: Learn to identify circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, ovals, and stars, Learn primary colors


[different color for each shape]

-Find library picture books about colors


Week Ten: Addition and Counting, Spanish and Puzzles

Objectives [Jude]: Learn basic addition principles and addition up to 5. Review Spanish words learned


-Addition worksheet


-Focused playtime

-Spanish Simon Says

-Race to objects I call out in Spanish

Objectives [Cohen]: Learn to count to 5, Work on basic puzzle skills


Coloring Page


-Focused playtime with puzzles

Week Eleven: Subtraction and Counting/Colors

Objectives [Jude]: Learn basic principles of subtraction, learn to count to 30




-Focused time counting to thirty

Objectives [Cohen]: Learn to count to 5, Learn primary colors




Week Twelve: Clock and Grouping by Size

Objectives [Jude]: Review time telling skills {big hand/little hand, hourly time, digital clock}



Objectives [Cohen]: Learn concept of big, bigger, small, smaller and be able to group items by size. Possibly also be able to group items by colors and other distinguishing features.






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