He still lives

In the weeks leading up to Easter I could not get the hymn, “He Lives” out of my head. I hummed, rapped, whispered, and sang, “I serve a risen Savior, He’s in the world today. I know that He is with me, whatever men may say.” With much gusto [because frankly, I was trying to get the boys more excited about the miracle of Christ’s raised life than Easter eggs…I’m not sure it worked], I threw my hands in the air and shout/sang, “HE LIVES! HE LIVES! CHRIST JESUS LIVES TOOO-DAY! HE WALKS WITH ME AND TALKS WITH ME, ALONG LIFE’S MERRY WAY! HE LIVES! HE LIVES! SALVATION TO IMPART…..”

So given the fact that He does indeed live, it seems as though it’s never too late to post about our Easter celebrations, right? Because really, we’re celebrating Easter every day in our hearts.

It’s not working, is it? I’m sorry, don’t hate me. Can I make it up to you by sharing some photos of the sweetest blue-eyed boys Texas has ever known?

While Shawn finished getting ready, I worked on positioning the camera with the self-timer. Note to self: Get some sun on those legs before donning an off-white Easter dress.

I got a bajillion compliments on that dress. Well, maybe more like five. I found the dress in a super cute boutique and fell in love with the vintage look of it. I did have to take out the shoulder pads and do some slight altering at the waist darts, but I’m glad I did.

Consider this a free lesson for you younger girls reading – shoulder pads will not make you look taller, thinner, or more powerful. They will make you bulky and ridiculous. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Then we got the boys dressed and hung out on the stairs for a little bit:

After everyone was dressed and ready, we headed outside where the sun was just a tad too bright to get any non-squinty shots:

Apparently the sun makes Bear turn into a creepy 45-year old car salesman:

Of course Shawn managed to look very non-squinty eyed and handsome:

Really, really handsome…

Finally, we headed back inside for a couple of family poses before dinner:

After our photos were officially taken, we headed to CiCi’s Pizza to meet our community group for dinner, and attended our church’s Friday evening Easter service as a family. Have you ever been to CiCi’s in your Easter best on the Friday before Easter? They look at you a little strangely.

I mean, maybe it was the dress. Maybe it was the singing. Either way, CiCi’s thinks I’m a nut.



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