think you can handle it?

Brace yourselves. No, I mean really brace yourselves. You are about to see an inordinate amount of Easter-festivities photos. I would apologize, but I’m not sorry.

First things first, inspecting the eggs after the hunt was over:

We hung out so we could hang out with Daddy for a little bit after everything got cleaned up:

While we waited, we got to hold a sweet, baby chick:

Since we had already attended Easter service as a family, the boys and I hung out at home Sunday morning. It was weird to not partake in the usual Easter/church happenings, but it gave me time to stuff eggs and hide Shawn’s Easter basket. It took him a good thirty minutes to find it, so I’m pretty proud of myself:

The boys were pretty much busting at the seams for our at-home egg hunt, so I amused them by having fun with our camera. Bug is falling in love with a gift from Jenn, a photographer friend of ours from North Carolina:

Then Shawn got home, so he amused the boys upstairs while I “hid” the eggs downstairs. We stuffed the eggs with mini tubs of play-dough, and small change [or as Bug calls it, “monies]. We gathered all the “monies” and put it in a special donation jar and had Bug take it to church with him the following week.

That’s right. I ate all my kid’s Easter candy and made him give his monies away. That’s how this Mama rolls.

Shawn read the boys a couple of books before it was time to come down for the hunt. There’s a whole lotta handsome-ness going on in this photo:

While they waited, Bear decided he needed to do some shopping:

Let the hunting begin!

Phew, you made it. Glad to see there was no long-term damage to your computer from all the cuteness. We had such a great Easter and really enjoyed teaching Bug and Bear about Jesus’ sacrifice and love. I hope your Easter was a fun celebration, too!


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