Today I’m remembering what I thought my life would look like. I thought I’d have my master’s degree in counseling, thought I’d be living someplace like New York. I thought I might just now be meeting the man I’d marry, and certainly didn’t think I’d be ready for kids yet.

Today I walked outside in my bare feet and watered my garden. I had to scrape out baby poop from under my fingernails. I didn’t report to a boss, didn’t put on heels and a skirt, didn’t take a subway anywhere. I taught my oldest how to read, I made dinner for my husband, I made my youngest squeal with delight when I chased him. I didn’t earn a paycheck. I knew what my sons were thinking before they even spoke. I saw Bug’s eyes crinkle in delight when I told him a story. I held onto Bear tightly when he fell, and honored his request to kiss his boo-boo. I cuddled with Bug and read him his favorite Curious George story, feeling his heart beating next to mine. I tucked my boys in bed with a prayer, a snuggle, and a kiss.

And we’ll do it all again tomorrow. 


Today I’m grateful that my life isn’t what I thought it’d be. 


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