bug the unimpressed

Bug is not one to pretend he likes something. He’s not one to follow the crowd if he 1]doesn’t understand why the crowd is doing what they’re doing and 2] doesn’t think what the crowd is doing is fun.

When I do a dance or sing a song, I’m most often met with Bug’s look of vague tolerance. He tilts his head to the side, raises his eyebrows just a bit, and sighs. I can almost hear him saying, “Mom. You keep doing this, and I’ve learned you’re not going to stop. But please. You’re embarrassing yourself.”

When I was in high school, I went to exactly one party. I saw how ridiculous the drinkers looked and how bored the non-drinkers were, and decided it was dumb. I wasn’t going to spend my perfectly good weekend getting wasted, and I wasn’t going to spend my perfectly good years in high school doing stupid things. So I didn’t.

I’m convinced that if we can help Bug look at his choices with a long-term, life-long view, we’ll rarely have to worry about him doing stupid things. He’s a thinker, and I feel strongly that God has plans to use him as a leader. I’m actually really excited to see who he grows up to be!

Until then, I’ll keep doing my dancing and singing silly songs. At least Bear will dance along with me. Bug, in the meantime? Well – he’ll just remain Bug the Unimpressed:

[This video is from Bug’s preschool Christmas play. He’s in the back row – white t-shirt, red scarf around his head. In this four minute video, he yawns three times. My favorite part is the end of the second song. Bug claps unenthusiastically, but when the teacher begins speaking and he realizes it’s not over, he just hangs is head.]


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