command central

You may remember a recent post about my bi-weekly cleaning schedule, and the sanity such a simple list is bringing to my home. While reading that post, you may have thought to yourself, “That Jen. She sure loves a good list. I wonder if she might have a touch of OCD.”

Well, my friends – prepare to wonder no more. You see, that cleaning schedule is just one cog in my home organization station. There is actually an entire wall of our kitchen that is devoted solely to my OCD and passionate love of list-making.

I call it….

My Command Center

She’s a beauty, isn’t she?

On the far left, you’ll see two cubes labeled “Out” and “In.” These are for mail that is stamped and needs to go out to the mailbox, or for mail that has come in that needs to be sorted. The “Out” cube also holds my mace spray. It’s partly because it’s high enough that the boys can’t reach it – even with a stool – and partly because I remember where it is by remembering that I would use it to keep unwanted guests out.

Whatever, it works.

You’ll also see a Dollar Store frame with burlap. I use that frame for random things, though right now it’s serving as a reminder of five character traits I love about Shawn. Below that is my running pantry list. When we run out of something I just add it to this list and things are rarely forgotten. 

And just so you’re aware, salsa verde is a very important condiment in our life. If you haven’t yet experienced it, you should probably run to the store and get some right now. When I did finally get some, Shawn pretended to drink the salsa with a straw. I think he secretly wanted to actually get out a straw.

The main focus of My Command Center is my weekly blackboard list. You can see that I make a new list every week, and typically divide my tasks up by what day they need to be done. The list is written in backwards order so I can wipe the tasks off the bottom as they’re completed.  I probably took this photo on Monday night since Monday’s tasks are already gone.

And then to the right of My Command Center you’ll find my cleaning schedule, the “to-do” cube, and my magnet board. The magnet board is really an old cookie sheet covered in fabric, and it holds important phone numbers, our meal list, my garden plot outline, and our summer learning curriculum. The “to-do” cube mostly holds pens and a sticky pad, but it’s also a place to put papers, etc. to which I need to attend.

To the right of this area is our family calendar, which of course holds events, meetings, appointments, and plans. Underneath the entire sha-bang is a curtain rod with hooks. On it we put Bug’s backpack, jacket, and keys.

It’s definitely not perfect, but it HAS reduced a lot of clutter and stress. I don’t waste time in the mornings wondering what I should try to get done that day. All I have to do is glance at the wall and set to work accomplishing. Putting together My Command Center [yes, I’m going to keep capitalizing it] took a lot of thought and planning, but it saves me TONS of thought and planning on a weekly and daily basis. Shawn doesn’t use it much, though it’s helpful that he knows exactly where to look if he wants to know what meals we have left to make, or he knows where to write a request for the next grocery list.

So go ahead and make fun of me, I don’t care. A little organization goes a long way, my friends.

And  a lot of organization? Well, that’s just downright fun.


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