a new addition to the family

I cannot believe I’ve forgotten to introduce you to the newest [very important] addition to our family.

Internet, meet Hee-Hee:

Shawn brought Hee-Hee home several months ago from his trip to Austin, TX. When he saw the sweet monkey, it immediately reminded him of our Bear – what with the big eyes and pudgy tummy and all. Bear was instantly smitten. If I remember correctly, Bear delightfully grabbed the monkey out of Shawn’s hands and cuddled it to his cheek.

And a friendship was born. We asked C. Bear what he wanted to name his newest favorite toy, and Bear answered, “Hee-Hee.” Yes, that’s right. Bug has a Mee-Hee, and Bear has Hee-Hee. I think it’s kind of perfect.

Hee-Hee is dragged through the house, dropped down the stairs, sprinkled with dirt, and squished on pretty much a daily basis. Yet he still remains Bear’s constant companion. 

Hee-Hee cuddles with Bear every nap and bed time, and occasionally even takes trips to the store with us. We’ve learned that Hee-Hee enjoys being fed peanut butter bagel and likes to make the rounds to get kisses from all family members. Even Dallas.

Just like their “owners,” Mee-Hee and Hee-Hee are pretty much the best of friends. I like to think they trade war stories and offer advice to one another, but all I know for sure is they are loved. More than they know.


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