mother’s day: park

I’m sorry for the brevity of my post yesterday. The boys are at an age where the combination of the two seems to lead the destruction and demise of my house and my sanity. It’s a good thing they’re so cute.

So my Mother’s Day was actually quite wonderful. The boys and I went to church in the morning, and after naps Shawn took us all to the park!

Bear’s decided that he’s a big boy and can go down the big tunnel slide all by his big-boy-self:

Chalk this up to another one of those milestones I just wasn’t ready for. Kind of like how he’s been telling me lately that he has to go potty and wants to sit on the toilet. Doesn’t he know he has no business growing up on me?!

We’ve had some hardcore storms in Texas lately, and it looks like the storm the night before did a number on this tree:

But was trying to throw a stick up to Shawn:

I was trying to get him to jump with me, but he decided he needed to make train tracks with his feet. The next time a train comes through the park mulch, it’ll be very grateful for Bug’s diligence. 

He’s my little sack of sugar [see video at the end].

You didn’t think I was going to let Shawn have all the tree-climbing fun, did you?

Meanwhile, sweet Bear enjoyed his newfound skill of sliding. He climbed up to that slide, slid down, rinsed and repeated at least fifteen times:

While Bear was sliding, Bug was just keeping himself busy removing shrubbery:

And I was keeping myself busy climbing that really cool tree. It made me want a good book and a hour. There’s nothing in this world quite like a good reading tree:

After the park, Shawn surprised me with two cards. The first one was from the boys and included their handprints [from dirt! how perfect!] and Bug’s handwritten, “Mommy” on the front. The second one was from Shawn and included…get this…a gift certificate for a manicure AND a makeover/pampering package! I actually redeemed the second part about a week ago, and I enjoyed an incredible facial, haircut, and makeup application. I’d never had a facial before, and it was kind of the best thing in the world. Even better than Reese’s Pieces and pizza rolls.

I know, that’s saying a lot. But it’s true.

Shawn played this song for me recently and said it sounded like a song I’d sing to Bear. If I were a song writer, this is exactly – word for word- a song I’d write for that boy. It’s like he [Woody Guthrie is the original singer] took every word I’d muttered to Bear and sang the tune of my heart:


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