summer, i don’t hate you anymore

Welp. Summer is here. The temperature is climbing and my sweat glands are alive and well. I’ve typically hated summer with every single fiber of my being – even in Indiana. I still wouldn’t say I love the sweltering heat, but having kids and being a stay at home Mom gives me a different perspective of the season. 

Summer seems to hold quite a bit of promise, of plans, of ideas, of quality time. I get a little bit excited when I think of all the adventures upon which the boys and I can embark, and I love the idea of three whole months all to ourselves. I’ve already told you about my educational plans for the summer [which are actually going quite well], but I’ve learned the secret to surviving a Texas summer with toddlers.

Get the kids out of the house. Every single day.

I try to head to the gym each weekday morning, which allows the boy space to run around in an air conditioned environment with other kids. I’ve also been scheduling about two play dates a week, take the boys to the pool as much as possible, and we make a weekly library trip. At the very least, I herd the crazy train into the back yard. Very often we break out the water table, sprinkler, or kiddo-pool, but even twenty minutes of sidewalk chalkin’ and truck pushin’ makes a world of difference.

My natural tendency is to be a home-body and spend my days in our home, and I learned the hard way that’s a recipe for disaster. 

Take a relatively clean home, and sprinkle it with toys. Add a generous amount of oppressive heat and toddler-boy-energy, and stir well.

In a separate bowl combine a tired Mom, lack of personal space and time, some extra heat, and the duty to keep her house clean. Mix until combined.

Mix together the two bowls of ingredients and bake at 112 degrees F for three months.

At the end of the baking process, the house will collapse in on itself, the Mom will be grey-haired, and the children will be disobedient and cranky.

OR…I could get my home-body lovin’ butt out of the house and take the kids somewhere. The gym, the library, the pool, a friends’ house, Target, the park, the museum….it doesn’t matter where.

What matters is that while we’re gone, my house stays blissfully mess-free. What matters is while we’re gone, they’re experiencing new adventures and are marveling at the new world around them. What matters is that when they come back, they see their toys with new eyes and aren’t as prone to misbehaving out of boredom.

What matters is that Mama is sane, in love with her boys, and maybe starting to like the summer. Well, “like” is a little strong. Let’s just take this relationship slowly and I’ll agree to not hate summer, alright? With the help of snow cones, swimming, and iced coffee, summer and I might even be able to call a truce.

Well played, summer. Well played.


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