Let’s give a round of applause for my brothers and sister, shall we? I don’t talk about my siblings often [mostly because it doesn’t seem fair to put their information out on the interwebz without their consent], but I’ve got myself some great ones. They’re great for many reasons, but I want to talk about one particularly great idea they had. At Christmastime, my siblings went together on a gift for a boys. In the middle of December we received this:

A pirate water table. The normal person might’ve been a little confused about opening a water table gift in the height of winter, but it’s a good thing we’re not normal. I knew my family was remembering how hard it was to keep the boys entertained during last summer’s record setting Texas heat. They  so thoughtfully gave us a gift that helps preserve my sanity AND that my boys absolutely love.

[As an aside, that pile of chalk in the background is currently the bane of my existence. I don’t know why, but the boys insist on dumping the entire thing out. Every time we play outside. They always help me put them away, but I’m so dang tired of picking up 1,245 pieces of sidewalk chalk. I know. First world problems.]

I mean, they seriously love it. Both of my boys are little fish and LOVE to play in water in any form. Owning a water table is perfect at their age, it provides at least an hour of entertainment each time we play with it. And every parent knows that an hour in toddler world is like five hours in adult world.


So thank you, Uncle Jesse & Aunt Sandy, Uncle Jason, and Aunt Rachael & Uncle Gary! We so appreciate your thoughtfulness and really miss you every time we pretend we’re pirates going down a water slide!


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