fruits of my labor

The day I noticed a little tiny, baby pepper growing in my garden was a happy day, indeed. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t gasp and do a little, “I can grow stuff!” dance. I planted my garden a few months ago, and have been diligently watering and weeding since. We experimented with where we planted this year, and it looks like half of our planter boxes are actually shaded most of the day by our fence. The plants I planted in the shaded areas haven’t really grown at all, but the plants in the sun are thriving – especially the squash and pumpkin!

I waited as long as my little homemaker self could stand, and then I plucked the very first produce I’ve ever grown. I set them on the counter and gazed proudly at them until it was time to cut them up and cook with them.


I can’t wait to see more growth and cook more with the products of my hard work, but in the meantime you can bet that pretty much every day I check to see how my precious baby garden is doing. More pics to come!


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