listening, watching, reading…

A blogger I love to read recently posted [what I thought was] a great way to give a general family update. I love it so much, I’m actually going to steal it. Of course, not without giving credit where credit is due. I love your idea, Sarah! 

Listening … As I’m typing this, I’m listening to Dora the Explorer talk about riding down a noisy river.
Silencio, Dora. Silencio.
Watching … Shawn and I are watching a lot of Law & Order lately, using summer time to clear out our DVR queue. When I start to watch too much Law & Order, I start to think about how I’d cover my tracks if I ever committed a crime. I’m thinking maybe we should back off the Law & Order…
We’ve also recently discovered How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. Something tells me I’m enjoying it a little more than Shawn, but that’s okay. It’s fun! [And by “something,” of course I mean “Shawn.”]
Reading … I just finished Sacred Parenting, a book Shawn bought me for Mother’s Day. I feel like I’m walking advertisement for the book with as much as I’ve been talking about it, but seriously. The book kicked my spiritual butt and entirely changed the way I think about my role as a parent. No matter what your current station in life, I’d highly recommend it. I have a feeling it’ll be a book I read once a year. Seriously, it was that good.
Eating … Shawn’s had several days of being gone at mealtimes lately, so I’m eating a lot of popcorn, turkey wraps, brownies, and apples with peanut butter for dinner. Don’t feel badly for me, I pretty much love it. [Not the Shawn being gone part, but the eating snack food for meals part].
Drinking … So Shawn made this concoction one night that has changed my life. He fills a glass halfway with Cherry Lime 7Up and then fills the other half with a Sugar Free Limemade drink mix we keep on hand. He adds a splash of lime juice, and voila! I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it’s the perfect calorie-free sweetness to end my day!
Wearing … Our family has been working through a stomach bug lately, so my uniform has been mostly pajama shorts and whatever t-shirt I change into after someone vomits on my old one. I just sorted through my closet and put away my jeans, so it’s official – summer is here!
Feeling … I’m feeling secure. Protected. Love.
Weather … It’s definitely heating up here. The boys and I just spent about 1/2 hour outside and both of them came back in with red shoulders and cheeks. Let the water and/or air conditioned fun begin!
Wanting … A consistent quiet time with my Lord.
Needing … To pick up the toys strewn throughout the house. This is one of those days that it just doesn’t make sense to even consider taming the chaos until the boys are in bed.
Thinking … I’ve been thinking a lot about my identity and looking to God to speak into me about who I am, as opposed to the many other voices I let inform me of my worth.
Enjoying… Lately I’ve really been enjoying a new blog I stumbled upon: Honest Toddler. Anything that can make me laugh at this season of my life is a win in my book!
And you? I’d love to know what you’re listening, watching, reading!

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