a letter to my mom

Dear Mom,

Happy Birthday! I really hate that I can’t be in Indiana to celebrate your special day with you, but I’m celebrating your life from Texas. I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am for your life. I mean, beyond the fact that if you didn’t exist I wouldn’t exist. Your life hasn’t always been easy or simple, but I’m always in awe of how you’ve never stayed stagnant. Even in the worst of circumstances you’ve always been moving forward – doing better and being better.

It took a butt-load of work on your part, but you’ve managed to break so many of the strongholds that held members of our family captive for generations. Mom, making that kind of change hasn’t  been easy. But you did it. And I know you did it because you loved your children and our God, and I’m in awe of that. I have no doubt you’ve faced spiritual battles on my behalf that I may never know a thing about, and I just want to say – with all my heart –

thank you. 

You have been and are becoming this incredible woman of God whom I’m so privileged to know. In your life, you haven’t taken the easy way out. I want you know that we’ve noticed and we are so blessed by all the hard choices you’ve made.

Happy Birthday, Mom. You are such an amazing Mom, wife, sister, daughter, Grammy, and friend. Your life is a blessing to many, and you are sincerely loved. I love you, Mom.




One thought on “a letter to my mom

  1. Hello Jennifer: Thank you. Your words and God’s love, your love, and the love from your brothers and sister, the love from Dad, and the love from the grandkids is what has given me the strength in my life. Your words humble me Jen because I know that it wasn’t me, it was God through all of this. He gave me all of you, and He taught me to love all of you. I just pray that even when I stumble you all see Him. I love you all…..Love, Mom

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