One of the things the boys and I gave Shawn for Father’s Day this year was a framed photo of our family. On the left hand side was Bug holding the letter, “D.” In the middle were the three of us [and Dallas, our Labrador!] holding the letter, “A.” And the right hand side holds a photo of Bear with the letter, “D.”

Get it? D-A-D.

I know, right?

So I took the photos on a Sunday morning while Shawn was busy at church. I thought it’d go pretty quickly, but it ended up being quite the ordeal. Among other things I had to get us all three dressed nicely, but then had to put us all back in play clothes so Shawn wouldn’t suspect anything when he came home. As you’ll see in tomorrow’s post, Bear was none too happy about photo taking and made my job pretty tough. Bug, on the other hand, was surprisingly amiable.

I had a really tough time deciding which one to actually frame:

[I know, it’s a lot of pictures. Hang on, almost done.]

Can you see why I had a tough time choosing? I’ll tell you which one I ultimately framed later, but for now – which one would you have chosen?


2 thoughts on “d…d…d…d…d…d…Dad

  1. I love the look on his face on the 8th picture, but I like the last one because you can see his cutie patootie face and the “D”

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