Father’s Day fell on the day after our family got back from church camp this year, so I knew I needed to do as much prep ahead of time as I could. One of my pre-camp tasks was to take photos of the boys and I with the letters “D,” “A,” and, “D” to frame for Shawn. Simple enough, right?

Yeah, notsomuch. Bear wasn’t exactly in the picture-taking mood. At first he was a little skeptical about the whole operation:

And then he got downright cranky…

Really, really cranky…

So then I tried to mix things up, maybe he’d be happier lying down…

But that stressed him out…

Just imagine him saying, “I hate you mother,” as I whisper through clenched teeth, “just. one. more.”

I started kind of throwing the letter at him, hoping it landed right side up, and snapping a quick picture…

…which actually sort of worked

At least, it worked if I could get my hand out of the frame quickly enough…

It’s a good thing their father loves them – regardless of how cranky or photogenic they are. I’ll make sure to show you the final product, but I’m dying to know – which ones would you have chosen to frame?


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