what? christmas isn’t in june?

Well, let’s just pretend shall we? Let’s just pretend that it’s December 26th and I’m an ace blogger who posts videos of her Christmas morning kiddos right away, okay?

At the very least, maybe we’ll be distracted from the fact that it’s HOT.

[do you like how I use Christmas morning to teach my kid to read? Yeah, that’s how I roll.]

[I made the boys super hero capes and masks out of old camp t-shirts that said, “kindness” and “gentleness.” You guessed it – that’s how I roll.]

[Yeah, these videos have my kids’ name in them. Let’s review the rules. Don’t steal my kids, we’ll call it good.]

So a couple of thoughts here. 1] In that last video, you’ll notice a large box with a red ribbon around it. That box held the afore-blogged about water table, unassembled. Yes, we were too lazy to assemble it for Christmas morning and just stuck a ribbon around it. Say it with me, folks.

That’s how we roll.

2] Watching these videos hasn’t exactly had the desired effect of distracting me from the heat. To be honest, it’s made me long for Christmas time even more. Would it be weird if I had some hot chocolate when it’s 99 degrees outside? At the very least, I think I’ll crank up the AC tonight and wear a hoodie. Six more months.

Six more months.


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