a letter to bug

Dearest Bug,

While you don’t have a birthday or any other special occasion coming up, I just felt that it was high time to write you a letter. It astounds me how quickly you’re growing and learning. Case in point:

I blinked, and all of a sudden you turned 15.

So I really just want to make sure you know how desperately you’re loved, and I also wanted to make note of a few of your favorites before this phase of your life is a fuzzy memory. So, you ready kiddo? Here we go!


Food: [I’m starting with this one because the list of foods you eat is pretty short nowadays, so it’s easy]

Hummus & Pretzels [but only roasted red pepper hummus]

Pizza [but not with pepperoni on it, just plain cheese thankyouverymuch]

Spaghetti & Spaghetti Sauce [with plenty of sprinkle cheese]

Cheese sandwich [one slice of bread, folded in half with cheese inside]

Crackers [the only thing in the world about which you’re not picky. it doesn’t matter what kind of cracker it is, you like ’em all]


You’ve been saying that the “ABC” song is your favorite, and you certainly sing it with plenty of gusto. You can tolerate plenty of other songs, but I think the “ABC” song is the only one to which you’ll sing along.


Green. And you are very vocal about the fact that, “gween is my favor-ite colur!” You like green plates, green shirts, green crayons…anything green. Except green food, because that is apparently preposterous.


Shoot dang, you have a lot of favorite activities. You really like jumping on one foot right now, you like running through the sprinkler, and of course pretending that the couch is a trampoline. You love a game called “chaser boys” that you play with Daddy. You like to read, you love to be tickled, and you love racing of any kind or sort. You don’t love losing though, so we’ve been working on the fact that you can’t always win. Sometimes Mommy likes to do a victory dance, after all.

Things that make you angry:

Being told it’s time for a nap or bed is probably first on the list of things you hate. You’ve kind of been like that your whole life though, so we’re getting used to it. You’re not a big fan of your little brother trying to poke you in the face or take your milk, and I can’t blame you.

You’ve started arguing with me lately, which is fun. And by “fun” I mean it’s like looking in the mirror and oh my gosh do I have more sympathy than ever for my parents. You can get angry when I don’t back down from an argument – like when you tried to tell me the other day that it was Sunday and not Monday because it was sunny outside. No matter how much I insisted that the weather is a description of what the day is like, not what day of the week it is, you insisted harder. And louder. “NO Mommy! It’s not MONDAY! It’s SUNDAY!” Then you were watching Disney Jr., and they showed that it was Monday. You gasped and said “Mommy! I was right! It IS Monday!”

A better Mom might’ve let it go, but I insisted you realize that you were not right and I was right. What can I say? Those stubborn genes run deep.

Things you say that make me smile:

“Dance to da beat, gurl!”

“Daddy, Mommy is boo-i-ful!”

“My brudder is a crazy butt.”

“I’m just a little bit of shy today.”

[in response to me singing] “Mommy, pwease stop. You will bother the neighbors and they will say ‘what is that noise?!'”

“I asked God if I could get out of bed and He said YES!”

One night after I had tucked you in, I got up to leave your room. You wrapped your arms around my neck and said, “I just want to keep you.”

Me too, Bug. Me too.


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