the winner is…

Remember the photos I took in an attempt to get the perfect Father’s Day pictures? Remember how Bear just wasn’t having any of it and fussed most of the way through?

Oh, you don’t? Well then, here is the finished project anyway:

Even though Bear is obviously unhappy in the middle photo, I feel like it’s still a pretty accurate depiction of our lives in this season. And Shawn appreciated it.

The boys and I also made this painting, which was so much fun! Once Shawn saw the two projects the boys and I created, he said “This Father’s Day is brought to you by the website Pinterest.”

True dat, yo!

I give Pinterest full credit for making me more crafty, a better cook, and a more fashionable dresser. And yes, I do give Pinterest full credit for helping me create a memorable Father’s Day. Thanks, Pinter!

[Yeah, we see so much of each other that we’re actually on a nickname basis. Don’t be jealous.]


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