frivolous friday


can you resist

…just eating up those cheeks?! If so, then you are a better person than I. My theory is that God put a magnet inside them, and my lips are absolutely powerless to resist. No sense fighting it – those cheeks are made for kisses!

Our friend Jenn from Photographic Memories took some more shots of Bug this past weekend. He was much more polite this time – refraining himself from peeing on her props and even giving her a few smiles. If you live in the Winston area, I would highly recommend Jenn. Check out the pricing on her website – that’s a killer deal! Once she has all of the images edited, I’ll pass along the link to the online album and those of you who also cannot help but swallow Bug’s cheeks whole (ahem…grandparents!) can feel free to print, frame, or make into a poster size to hang above your couch. 😉 For now, though, I thought I’d pass along a few of the pictures that Jen has emailed to me. There will be more coming soon!


a post while bug naps

Happy Saturday to you! I hope you’re finding time to rest and if you live in Winston-Salem, to enjoy this ridiculously nice weather. I’m in the process of washing cloth diapers and am excited to dry them on the line today (I’ve been drying them in the dryer…which I think makes them hold the smell more, or on the back of our kitchen chairs…which doesn’t exactly do wonders for our decor), and I’m thinking I might take Bug for a walk in the park a little bit later today. Shawn left yesterday to drive to Atlanta with a bunch of Jr. High students for CIY:Believe, so I got to bed a little earlier last night and am buzzing from that extra hour and a half of sleep (or it could be because I’ve had two cups of half-caff coffee as compared to my usual one…and I think I accidentally made it a little more caff than half this time).
I took Bug to the Doctor yesterday because our home scale was showing that he was steadily decreasing in weight and it actually weighed him at 12 pounds yesterday (compared to the 13 pounds it weighed him at about a week ago). I was concerned, but relatively un-freaked. It looks like our scale isn’t weighing him all that well – he weighed in at 12 lbs 12oz at the Doctor’s office. The Doc said he had gained about a half an ounce a day, which is well within normal range. Hooray! I had also noticed that he seemed quite reflux-ey lately and didn’t seem to be eating as well, so I talked to the Doctor about his medicine. I wasn’t sure if reflux medicine can just begin to lose its affect like that, but was assured that it can. She gave us a nine day sample of Prevacid to try. I think that’s the medicine that finally did the trick for my nephew, Asher. Hopefully Jude will grow out of this whole mess soon!

If you’ll allow me a brief aside, I need to let you know that as long as I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve pondered whether the “D” in “doctor” is capitalized or not. You may have noticed that I go back and forth between capitalizing and not…any grammar freaks out there know the protocol? You might wonder if I’ve also pondered the grammatical stability of my run on sentences that seem to abound. You may rest assured that I indeed do not. I’m a big fan of both run on sentences and incomplete sentences in my blog writing, as that’s how I talk. In runons. And incomplete sentences.

I think Bug is starting to stir from his nap, so I’ll add a few more pictures from Jenn. Enjoy them and then get out there and enjoy the beautiful sunny Saturday!

I would say this is the look he has on his face most of the time – inquisitive and adorable.

I’m pretty sure I’ll never get tired of seeing him in that hat. My little elf. 🙂

Shawn was super excited about Bug’s first Pittsburgh hat. Looks like Bug is, too!


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