I realized that my last post may have left you with the impression of a very rustic camp – what with the creek playing and lack of bathing and all. I want to assure you that our experience was quite the opposite. The staff cabin was wonderful and so much more than we deserved. Each room had two queen beds, dressers, and its own bathroom. Not to mention there was a common area with a living room and full kitchen. I didn’t take many photos of our accommodations, but you can see a little here:

[You can also see that Bear had fun taking every water bottle out of the package and laying it on our bed.]

We didn’t spend a lot of time in our room though. After all, there was dirt with which to play!

Shawn was heading up a leader meeting, so I kept the boys busy playin’ in the dirt and pickin’ flowers.

We spent a good 45 minutes playing in this here dirt, and I have to admit…I was pretty proud of myself. The fact that my sons amused themselves with just dirt and rocks made me feel very pioneer-ish:

Until Bear picked up his rock-cellphone and made a call.

Then quickly put down his cell phone to have a little snack on bark:

The good thing about camp, though is that there is never a shortage of dirt. And my boys LOVE them some dirt. There’s also never a shortage of Jr. High kids who are happy to spend a few minutes with my loves:

[This is actually Sarah, one of my Texas small group girls]

Likewise, we had plenty of friends to hang out with:

But when you mix dirt [or in this case, sand] AND friends, well…you have magic:

I had an hour and a half long conversation with a friend while we watched our kids play. Do you know the last time I had an hour and a half long conversation while watching my kids? 

Never. Ever, ever, ever, ever. I can barely string two sentences together before there’s a potty emergency/boo-boo/time-out/thirst/hunger/fight/squeal/etc.

It was pretty awesome.

I did NOT have any lengthy discussion in the cafeteria, though. Most of my “conversations” were yelling things over the noise and mayhem. Things like, “DO YOU WANT BISCUITS OR CHEERIOS?” or “QUIT THROWING YOUR SPOON AT HER!” and “STOP EATING THE BUTTER!”

Except I didn’t say that last one. By that point I’d given up hope and just sighed quietly.

My boys also got lots of quality time with the leaders, which was always sweet to see. Here’s Bug and one of our interns [Ben] listening intently to Daddy:

I should clarify. Bug’s daddy. Not Ben’s daddy. Just in case there was any confusion. 

Bug also conned a leader into playing ball with him:

I’d like to tell you this is the last post of camp photos, but I just can’t. Instead, I’ll tell you that I have a story to share in my next post. The story of the terrible, awful, no good scorpion who almost killed us all. 

Yep. Get excited.


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