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a letter to bug
Dear Bug,

Today, you are five months old. For five months we’ve been able to see you grow, develop, and learn with our own eyes. As I’m typing this, I’m watching you play in your Exersaucer. Where just a couple of weeks ago you had to stretch your toes to touch the bottom, your feet now rest flat and you’re enjoying kicking them up and suspending yourself in the seat.

You’ve had a big month, sweet boy, filled with lots of “firsts.” You rolled from your back to your tummy for the first time about a week ago. I think you would’ve done it sooner, but that cloth diaper gives your booty some extra weight to haul over! I was on the phone, making a Doctor’s appointment, when you did it. Bug, you were so proud of yourself and quickly looked up to see if I noticed what you just did. I wanted to exclaim and shout, “yay!” but I’m sure the receptionist would’ve thought I was crazy. You also got your first hair cut this month! You had some crazy old man whispies behind your ears that flared straight out no matter what we did. Daddy finally decided it was time to cut it, so he trimmed it with his beard trimmer (with the safety on) while I held you. I think it tickled a little when we cut some of the hairs in the back, but you did so great! Almost all of the brunette hair with which you were born is now gone, and you’re officially blond now. I was surprised by how bittersweet the trimming was – I got a little teary eyed as I was thinking about the hair that you grew in my womb. Nonetheless – you’re one cute little blondie.

Finally, you had your first taste of “real” food this month! I made butternut squash, and you seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. We’re now officially entering into the world of bibs, spoons, high chairs, and the airplane zoomy noise. I have a feeling this stage will be even more fun than the last.

Every day that you grow gives Daddy and I more glimpses into your personality. You have a very sweet heart that is sometimes tender and I even think compassionate, and you have a strength of will that is astounding. You now spend much of your day smiling and laughing, lighting up when Daddy and I make faces at you. You’re starting to recognize the faces of people you see on a regular basis, and you really enjoy watching other kids. I have several favorite memories from the past month. It’s hard to choose just a couple, but here goes:

– One day, you and I laid down on the bed, on our sides, facing each other. I was singing you songs, and you were amusing yourself with trying to get your fingers to my face. Right now, your favorite song in the world is “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.” No matter how angry and worked up you are, that song will calm you down – even if only temporarily. You seem to find it hilarious when the spider gets washed out, you’re in awe of the sun coming out, and at the end of the song you always look at me like, “Wow, Mommy. That old spider sure does have a lot ofperseverance.” In close second for your favorite song are, “The Wheels On The Bus,” and “Victory In Jesus” (you especially like to hear about the mansions He has built for you in glory). Anyway, I’m getting severely sidetracked. I was singing “The Wheels On The Bus,” and you were just cracking up when the bumps on the bus went up and down. Our faces were close to each other, and every time you laughed you reached out to my face to pull it close to yours. I’m pretty sure I sang that verse through five or six times because I was loving the sound of your giggle.

-You’ve started to imitate Daddy and I- very cool and very scary. You’re working on making raspberries, and I love watching you do it the same way we do it.

-On nights when Daddy is home, he gets you naked and I get the bath water ready on bath nights. One night you guys were taking longer than usual. When I went to check on you Daddy had you – butt naked – dancing on the changing table to “Bootylicious.” Daddy was singing, “I don’t think you’re ready for this, Mommy. I don’t think you’re ready for this, Mommy. I don’t think you’re read for this, ’cause my body’s toobootylicious for ya, Mom.” At least we’re giving you plenty of fodder for your therapist.

You’re a great kid, Bug and I have no doubt that God is working in you even now to reveal and execute His plan for you. Even at five months old, I can see Him molding you. I hope you know how much you’re loved, I hope you understand how much Daddy and I cherish you, and I hope you sense that you are safe and adored. We love you forever, sweet boy.


Mommy and Daddy


gross…i mean cute… eating pictures


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