flashback friday

A look at blog posts from yesteryear:

FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 2009


I mentioned in my last post that Shawn and I traveled to TN for a wedding Shawn was officiating. We had a blast, and Shawn did what I humbly think was an amazing job. Thankfully Bug slept through the actual wedding, but that also means I wasn’t able to get any pictures. It was beautiful and my handsome husband cleans up well. I did, however, take several pictures of J. Bug in the hotel room. The weekend away was awesome for our family. Shawn and I had a blast on our road trip, and it was nice to have some time to focus on J. Bug without the pressures of work/laundry/dishes/dog.

tummy time on the bed with daddy

if that hand isn’t actually in his mouth, it’s on its way at any given moment

he’d been holding his head up, but then laid it down as if to say, “oh, i love this daddy of mine.”
bug is shocked…but daddy does the same thing to me

zerberts! or raspberries…depending on how you grew up. that tummy is just beggin’ for some kisses!

that face makes me want to baby talk. i’ll refrain from typing it out, but it’s about all the self control i can muster to not baby talk at the screen right now

bug and daddy chillin’ in the morning. he laid there with his hand behind his head like that for a good fifteen minutes.

“hey here. whatcha doing? checking out mommy’s blog? cool pictures, huh?”



J. bug’s first Easter was certainly a fun one. I think the holidays have a habit of sneaking up on Shawn and I lately, so we didn’t really plan much for Bug to do this Easter. We figure that we get a free pass on all holidays for his first year. 🙂 If you have Easter traditions that you love and would like to share, I’d love to hear ’em – we’re still trying to figure out how to make Easter special for J. Bugbeyond just getting dressed up and going to church. We did have a blast at the P. family’s home with our good friends Mike and Jill and their son. L. did a great job hunting those eggs!

Excuse the squash on his nose, we had to feed him in the car on the way over.

Hunting eggs with Daddy

L. shared nicely!

Finding his first Easter egg!

Easter morning picture with Mommy. Ignore the wonky eye.

We had a terrific Easter, and we really look forward to being able to explain the meaning behind it to Jude next year. We tried this year, but well – he was more interested in falling asleep.

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