summer lovin’

Well, what on earth happened? It’s like I suddenly fell off the face of the earth – it’s been so long since I’ve posted! I wish I could say I’ve been off jet setting or making life altering decisions, but the truth is that my life is just not that exciting. To oversimplify it a bit, I’ll just say that Bug is no longer napping. That means I no longer get a shower, get devotion time, or get time to write blogs/work on our budget in my daily routine.

So I’m stinky, missing Jesus, and behind on blogging. I hadn’t thought the transition to him finally dropping his nap would make that much of a difference, but it really has made taking care of things on my personal agenda significantly more difficult.

Truthfully, to blame it all on Bug’s lack of napping really would be an unfair simplification. I’ve been enjoying a lot of play dates this summer, which accomplishes three purposes: 1]It gets my boys out of the house and keeps them from destroying said house 2]It allows time for my boys to be interacting with other kids their age, and is especially helping Bug develop stronger social skills 3]It gives me a touch of adult time and has allowed me the chance to grow closer to several women I’ve been wanting to get to know better.

And while I’m so grateful for our plentiful play dates, hitting up all the local McDonald’s play places and park splash pads leaves little time for blogging.

To top it all off, Shawn’s had a crazy couple of weeks so my job as fort-holder-downer has been amped up a bit. And finally, I’m working on noticing my kids and really being present when I have time to play with them. I feel like I ignore them so much to clean the house, cook dinner, do laundry, etc., and I just can’t justify ignoring them [or shawn] to blog.

Would it make up any for my absence if I tell you that I’m constantly blogging in my head? I have a trillion thoughts swirling, opinions waiting to be worked out, passions waiting to be expressed, and stories waiting to be told…just precious little time to sit and compose those thoughts, opinions, passions, and stories.

Speaking of which, wasn’t I supposed to tell you about a certain terrible, awful scorpion? Yeah, I think I’ll make you wait until my next post. You know, four weeks from now….


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