the horrible, awful, no good scorpion

…who almost killed us all.

Once upon a time there was a boy. A sweet little squidgy who loved running and snuggling. After an afternoon swim at Jr. High camp, his Mommy hung his swimming trunks outside to dry. Innocently enough, she brought the trunks in the next day and immediately put them on her squidgy to get ready for some pool time.

Little did she know that inside those swim trunks lurked a predator, just waiting for the right moment to pounce on her sweet son. She put the swim trunks on the little squidgy, completely unaware of what lay in them. The scorpion, probably scared and unsure of what was going on intent on the destruction of the aforementioned squidgy, climbed up Bear’s leg and stung him. Right on his thigh.

A friend watched as the scorpion craw up Bear’s belly where she swatted it off of him and immediately killed the terrible, no-good, squidgy-stinger.

Poor, poor Bear. He was distraught at first, but began to calm down while we rushed him to the camp medical staff. There, they put a baking soda paste on his leg, and then iced it for a good fifteen minutes [off and on, as he would allow]. They also circled the redness so we could watch to see if it was getting worse:

As it turns out, Texas scorpions aren’t actually venomous [thank God!], so the evil plans on this scorpion were thwarted. We treated it much like a bee sting, icing and resting his leg and watching for a possible allergic reaction.

Within a couple of hours Bear was just fine, and within 24 hours the redness and swelling were gone. Still, it took my heart a good couple of weeks to recover from being so scared for his safety.

Lesson learned. Always check for critters before bringing anything in from outside. 

And Bear…welcome to Texas. Welcome to Texas.



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