camp [from another perspective]

While I didn’t take very many photos of our Jr. High camp experience, I lucked out. It turns out one of Shawn’s fellow staffers took a ton. And by a ton, I mean a whole heck of-a-lot. Don’t worry, I’m not going to include EVERY photo he took, but I did think you might like to see a few that include some handsome fellas you may know:

[That would be my super hot husband standing in front. He’s probably having an in-depth conversation about the Spirit of God, or the theology of charity, or [more likely] the perfect ratio of ketchup to mustard on a hamburger.]

[Bear’s actually wearing his big brother’s clothes in this picture. Hmmm…I think I just realized why people are always asking me if they’re twins.]

[This would be all the campers from our church!]

[Neither of my boys did the super-fun ropes across the pool, but we had a lot of fun cheering on those who did.]

[I haven’t shared many pictures of our friends here in Texas – mostly because they don’t know I have a blog and it seems weird to blog about people without their knowledge/permission. But this is such a sweet photo of our friends Lori & Louie, so I wanted to include it. Louie is the head of Shawn’s Family Life Team, and Lori is his wife. My boys LOVE their kiddos, and I love Lori’s down to earth perspective on ministry and life. We count them as good friends to our family!]

[These are a few photos of the amenities of the camp. Had I not been there with my boys, I no doubt would have made time to do the high-ropes!]

[What? You mean it’s not normal to have gun-shooting practice at church camp? Oh, Texas.]

[These are all the staff kids who were there! My boys would be to the two cranky book ends on the front row.]

[One of the best parts of camp are the baptisms! This is one of the church’s summer interns, Ben.]

[Worship at camp. It was so cool to see the Jr. High students praising!]

[We felt so blessed to be able to be involved in Shawn’s ministry. I love that he was able to do his job AND love on his kids. Also, you should know that I had to take a second look at this photo to see which child of ours Shawn is holding. In case you’re unsure, it’s Bear. I think.]

[Camp food! And a few of my Texas small group girls.]

[Bear “helping” during worship. And yes, that is a disco ball in the background.]

[It wouldn’t be Jr. High camp without messy games. At least not Jr. High camp with Shawn.]

[Well, hello there handsome. Why yes, I will be your wife and give you two beautiful kids.]

[Too much cuteness. Don’t worry, I’ll give those cheeks a good kiss for you.]

[It’s a little freaky how much they look alike, isn’t it? I mean, it’s like my genes didn’t even try. They saw Shawn’s genes coming and ran for cover. That boy is the spitting image of his Daddy!]

[Bear helped Mr. Louie stack the orange cones one morning. I’m told he took the job quite seriously.]

[Chris, one of the church’s interns, decided Hee-Hee could hold onto the pepper for everyone. Bear thought it was a riot and couldn’t stop giggling!]

Pictures just can’t accurately explain how much fun we had at camp. I thought it would be a few more years until the boys and I could accompany Shawn’s ministry, but it was such a pleasant surprise that we could go this year. We are SO grateful for the staff family accommodations at the camp and are already looking forward to next year’s adventure!


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