desperate for non-sweltering entertainment

Now that we’ve experienced two years of Texas summers, I feel like I can speak with absolute authority on the subject. Texas summers stink. I might even go so far as to say they “suck” if I knew reading that word wouldn’t make my Mom shake her head in disapproval.

So I’ll just keep it at, “Texas summers stink.” I start gearing up in April and brace myself in May. By June I’m usually patting myself on the back at how well we’ve done, but by the end of July I start getting antsy. Come August, I’m a mess. 

For instance, I looked at the ten day forecast and saw that ALL of the days are less than 100 degrees. I rejoiced and did a little happy dance. In case you missed it, I was OVERJOYED at seeing that the next week will have highs of 98 degrees.

Clearly, the heat has caused me to be out of my ever-lovin’ mind.

So finding ways to get out of the house that don’t actually involve frying ourselves in the sun becomes a priority as July rolls around. Enter the children’s museum. It’s like a huge playground, except it’s air-conditioned. Ah, sweet air-conditioning. I promise to never, ever take you for granted.

The boys and I actually got free tickets through our library’s summer reading program. I made a big deal out of our reward for all the reading we did, and we were very excited to show off our wrist bands. Shawn had to buy his. I guess being a nerd DOES pay off, huh?

The entire toddler area was dubbed “tiny Texans.” Because it would be just silly to go through an entire outing without being reminded of Texans’ weird pride in their location. I just don’t get it, but Texans are VERY proud to be from Texas!

There was quite a grocery frenzy going on. The shelves were empty and everybody was grabbing what they could!


One thought on “desperate for non-sweltering entertainment

  1. Oh dear child….I have brought you up so well!! I believe I have the library cards Jesse and maybe you received when we still lived In Cincinnati. You just had to print your name in order to have one. I think Jesse was 5 and you were 4. To think you read the books during the summer reading program here in Brookville just so that you could get ice cream cones from the Dairy Cottage!

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