treasuring these things in my heart

Lately I’ve been noticing something.

Our house is full. Our house is full of a lot of things. Furniture, for sure. Food, definitely. Crayon marks on the walls, unfortunately. Our house is full of whining sometimes, crazy yelling occasionally, and even fits and crying.

But most of the time, our house is full of laughter. Our house is so full of laughter, sometimes I think it must seep right out the windows and trickle down to the street.

As a family, we laugh. We laugh, we tickle, we giggle, we dance, we sing, we joke, we kiss, we wrestle, we cuddle, we squeeze, and we very often laugh so hard that my cheeks hurt. 

I know this won’t always be the case, so I’m storing up these moments in my heart. I’m soaking in every last detail, especially the times we have a dance party in Shawn’s study. Want to see for yourself the craziness that oozes from our home? Of course you do!


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