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FRIDAY, JUNE 12, 2009

a letter to bug

Dear J. Bug,

You were seven months old yesterday, sweetness. Seven whole months.Sheesh. Perhaps the most notable thing to happen to you lately is that you are a crawling expert. Well, it’s kind of an army crawl, but it gets you to where you want to go. I’m proud of you, J. Bug. You have such a determined spirit and you work hard for what you want to do. You’ve had that personality trait (determined-ness…or some might say stubbornness) since you were born, and it looks like it’ll be with you for awhile. I pray that God uses your strength of mind and will, and I know that He has a plan for it. Daddy and I have absolutely loved getting to know you better. You make us laugh – both with your infectious smile and your look of complete boredom at our antics – and our life is so full with you in it, sweet child. I love watching you grow and seeing you work things out in your head. I love to see you learning, son, and pray that never stops.
Because your personality is emerging and MommyDaddy can more easily tell your likes and dislikes, I’d love to share with you some of the things you seem to really love right now, at seven months old:
1. MommyDaddy, of course. You recognize us, laugh at us, and miss us when we leave. You especially seem to enjoy when Daddy comes home. Your little head follows him around while he says hello to me, puts down his stuff, and walks over to you…and you wait the entire time for him to make eye contact with you. When he does, your little bodyspazzes with joy and a grin overtakes your face.
2. Coletrane. You’re actually laughing at his weird antics, and you love petting him – especially his ears. You’re not so much of a fan of his kisses yet, but I think one day you will be.
3. Food. By this, I mean table food. Oh man, you love you some food. I’m pretty sure if you could developmentally move on to a completely solid food diet right now, you totally would. You especially love sweet potatoes and pears, but after the first initial looks of disdain, you’ll eat pretty much anything.
4. Quacking. I know, but you’re the one who likes it. Grampy started quacking at you when we were in Indiana, and you haven’t stopped laughing at it since. It’s my go-to trick to get you calmed down. I have no idea why it’s so funny, but I’ve found no end to the humiliation I’ll endure to make you smile.
5. Sleeping through the night. Oh wait, that’s me who loves that. Still, you don’t seem to mind!
6. Your medicine. We used to have to fight you to take the reflux med from a syringe, but you seem to look forward to it now. I know this will sound stupid, but you’re really sweet when we give it to you. For whatever reason, I’m struck by how much you trust us when I see those big blue eyes looking at me.
I know there are more things that you love, but I’m expecting you to wake up any minute now, so I can’t go on forever.
Bug, this month has been a wonderful month with you – maybe even my favorite. I love your kisses, I love your smile, I love holding you, and I love watching you grow in independence. You are a sweet, sweet boy who loves being smothered in kisses even though you already know how to pretend like you hate it. 😉 You’re a strong, brave little boy with a determined spirit and a strong will. Bug, God can use those two qualities in amazing ways if you allow Him. As much as Daddy and I love you (which is a LOT!), He loves you more perfectly and more completely than we ever could.
Happy Seven Months, baby boy.
Mommy and Daddy

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