a bear and a birthday

Our sweet Squidgy turned two years old! Bear’s birthday was on a Sunday this year, so the boys and I enjoyed a low-key morning while Shawn was at work. I wanted to make sure our time was still special, so the three of us made some happy birthday cupcakes!

In case you’re wondering, Bug spilled flour all over the counter, and Bear got raw eggs all over his hands. Somehow my boys manage to make even baking a messy and dangerous activity. 

But shoot dang, they sure are cutie pies.

To answer a question I get all the time; no, we do not have a custom-made Duke mixer. We have a white mixer and Shawn added a Duke decal, although it does actually look custom made. Don’t worry, I got extra “awesome wife” points for it. 


I’d love to let you believe that Bug is very sweetly giving Bear a birthday kiss on the cheek, but I just can’t lie like that. He’s actually giving him a birthday zerbert [Or raspberry? I haven’t figured out if zerbert is a word my Mom just made up or not]. That didn’t stop Bear from thoroughly enjoying it though, and it doesn’t stop this from being one of my favorite pictures ever. 

After making birthday cupcakes and taking a birthday nap, we waited for Daddy to get home and we all loaded up to enjoy a special birthday trip to the zoo. Pictures of our adventure will be coming soon!


3 thoughts on “a bear and a birthday

  1. No problem 🙂 Loved the Cosby Show as a kid, so zerbert was a part of my regular vocabulary. We’ve found it on Netflix recently and have gone back to watch some of our favorite episodes. They just don’t make quality TV like that anymore!

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