zoo-in’ it up!

As part of Bear’s 2nd birthday celebration, we took a family trip to the zoo! We had a lot of fun, but I’m sure one day we’ll learn that Texas is hot in August. Bear’s birthday is August 12th, so maybe by the time he turns 18 we’ll find ways to celebrate his birthday that don’t involve spending hours in the suppressing heat.

See that look on Hee-Hee’s face? He’s thinking, “Seriously? The zoo? In August? What kind of parents are you, anyway…?”

Bug fell asleep on the drive there, so he spent the first 25 minutes just like that. Of course when he woke up, he and Shawn were pretty soaked in sweat; however, it’s always worth it for a few extra cuddles with that little guy.

There were a fair amount of exhibits inside, so we took advantage and cooled ourselves off a little bit.

One of the more memorable parts of our visit was this monkey exhibit. The boys were belly laughing as they watched a baby monkey get in trouble with its “parents”. The baby monkey kept running away and was at one point put in “time out” by one of the adult monkeys. In a scenario I know all too well, the baby monkey gleefully ran right out of time out and swung from rope to rope. I kid you not, the adult monkey grabbed the baby monkey off of the rope [you could almost hear her saying through clenched teeth, “So help me, if you disobey me like that one more time…”], and then the adult monkey bit the baby monkey.

We had to do some explaining about why a Mommy or Daddy monkey would bite their child, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t totally understand where that Mama was coming from. I’d also be lying if I said it’s not a little disconcerting that my parenting difficulties are eerily similar to a monkey’s.

Once we meandered our way through the zoo, we took a train back to the entrance. We have two little train lovers at our house, so the amount of giddy excitement was oozing out of their pores. Once we boarded the train, both boys were looking around in sheer fascination. 

Oh, hey there – one of my favorite pictures ever.

Part of the zoo [the part where you board the train] was a dedicated mini old-school Texas town. Yes, an entire town. With local animals and all [including rattlesnakes, scorpions, and black widow spiders].

Dear Texans,

Your passionate love for your state is weird. There are no zoos in Indiana with an entire section dedicated to the state. Because it’s called a corn field. The state of Texas is certainly nice enough, but the rest of the country thinks you all are just a little “off.” And let’s be honest, your need to constantly raise a ruckus about your state isn’t helping things.


Everyone else

PS. This might be the first time you’re hearing about this, but there ARE other states besides Texas in the United States.

After we thoroughly wore the boys out, we left the zoo for Bear’s very special birthday dinner. I’ll save those photos for another day, but here’s a hint: It’s the only place you can order a double, smothered, animal style and not get arrested.



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