listening, watching, reading

Listening … I’m mostly listening to Spanish learning CDs in the car, although I do break it up with the occasional Schoolhouse Rock. Hopefully our neighbors aren’t bothered by hearing how three is a magic number [yes it is, it’s a magic number].
Watching …Shawn and I love watching The Office and Parks & Rec together, and I love to watch DVR-ed episodes of Parenthood. I’ve been trying to keep the TV off as much as possible though, so I’m trying to work on watching the world around me a little bit more.
Reading … I’m finishing up Sacred Marriage [which was just as good as Sacred Parenting, by the way], and I have a rotation of gardening books through which I’m working. Talk about cliffhangers, huh? 
Eating … Hooray for Autumn! I can always tell Fall is in full swing by the change in our meal plans. Meals like lasagna, chili, soups, and pumpkin flavored desserts begin making their appearance. It’s nice to not sweat when I’m cooking [yep, even in the air conditioning. have i mentioned it’s hot in texas?], so I’m taking full advantage of heating up that oven!
Drinking … Once again the season changing seems to affect just about everything in our lives. I’m trading in my iced coffees, sodas, and smoothies for hot tea, hot coffee, and spiced apple cider. I’m fairly certain my soul is happier for it.
Wearing … I haven’t officially put away my shorts yet, but I’m gladly reaching for my jeans and long sleeve shirts a little more often. Pretty sure my soul is happier for that, too.
Feeling … I’m striving to feel content, but am finding myself wrestling a little bit with worry.
Weather … Maybe I forgot to mention it, but hey…it’s Autumn in Texas! The next six months of Texas weather are pretty sweet and are almost worth the trade-off for the summer heat. Of course, if you ask me in the middle of August I’ll deny that last sentence as ever typed.
Wanting …More patience. Bear is testing his independence right now. For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction, right? His testing of his independence is equally testing my patience. Darn you, Newton and your laws. If I were making up laws, it would look more like: every action is one of sweetness and obedience.
But I guess that’s not really what old Isaac was going for. And I guess that’s also why I barely managed a “B” in Science.
Needing … I could probably use a good nap, but I don’t know that it would qualify as a need. Come to think of it, I’m not sure I have a genuine need for anything, save for a closer connection to my Lord.
Thinking … To be honest, I don’t have much brain space lately. My brain is mostly full of keeping track of who needs to go potty, what needs to be packed for preschool, when I last washed our sheets, what needs to be cooked for dinner, and how to adequately care of my two tornadoes. Someday I’ll get my brain back, right?
Enjoying… One of my favorite things about the long Spring and Fall of Texas is our family’s daily walk. You will find my boys and I [and usually Dallas] walking around the neighborhood most every afternoon. Our walks are usually short in distance, but long in time. I previously had no idea how amusing acorns and rocks could be, but it turns out they are fascinating!
And you? I’d love to know what you’re listening, watching, reading!

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