happy monday!

I promise you, I’m actually relatively tech saavy. I’ve built websites and am great at troubleshooting my way out of most computer/phone issues. So having said that, please don’t laugh too hard when I tell you I just figured out how to transfer the photos I take on my phone to my computer.

Seriously, stop laughing.

I have a ton of photos of my sweet boys on my phone, and it seems just unfair to keep some of those photos between myself and Shawn [most of the photos I take are to send to Shawn throughout the day or when he’s on a trip].

So Happy Monday, folks!

[J. Bug “helped” me do C. Bear’s hair this particular morning. I’m not so sure Bear was loving it.]

[J. Bug on a walk last spring. Please don’t be jealous of my outfit putting together skills.]


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