gardening failure

Remember that time I began our backyard garden? I had big plans for that garden.

Big plans.

That garden ended up yielding exactly one tomato, one squash, and two green peppers.



[The sad day when our backyard garden was no more. Those tall things against the fence are some kind of flowering plant that has overflowed from our neighbor’s back yard. We’ve cut it down at least five times, and it keeps growing back. Clearly, it has evil plans to take over our back yard.]

A normal person would have been discouraged by that garden’s lack of success and would have resigned herself to grocery store produce for the rest of her life.

It just so happen…I’m not normal. Not even close.

Instead, I scouted a more opportune space for a new garden and checked out at least six books from our local library about Texas gardening. I spent time preparing the soil and planted the seeds without the “help” of Bear and Bug. It took me a good four hours to do the actual planting, but it was worth the time to feel like it was done well.

I’m a little nervous to post photos of my Fall garden in case it too is an epic failure, but I am not giving up! I will turn this black thumb into a green thumb, and my family WILL have homegrown, organic produce.

So stay tuned. Hopefully my first backyard garden was a learning process and I’ll be able to soon post glorious photos of beans, broccoli, spinach, carrots, and more.

You think you can get the best of me, oh illusive backyard garden. But clearly you have not yet heard of my stubborn spirit and determination to be a hippie. I’m comin’ for you, garden. Oh, I’m a-comin’ for you.


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