bunk bed



I have to be completely honest with you here. In the time it took me to upload the photo for this blog, I have had to stop at least fifteen times. I’ve cleaned poop up off the floor, I’ve intercepted a Bear from belly slamming the dog, and I’ve listened to a tale of Bug capturing a monster, turning it into a bird, and sending it up to heaven.

Trying to come up with complete sentences and a general post that makes sense just doesn’t seem to be in the cards today. 

I wanted to blog about the bunk bed we’ve recently given Bug. Instead of a witty storyline, would you forgive me if I give you the basics? I just realized some of that poop I cleaned up earlier got on my shorts. Will you forgive me now?

-We searched for quite sometime to find the perfect bunk bed for sweet Bug. Requirement number one was that it be sturdy. Very sturdy. That boy is not easy on furniture.

-We found one on Craigslist and totally lucked out on how affordable it was.

-Bug loves that bunk bed a ridiculous amount. He seriously LOVES it.

-Someday, we plan on having the boys share a room so getting Bug used to the bunk bed is step number one.

-When Bear wakes up in the morning [at the crack of dawn], he’ll very often go into Bug’s room and climb up the ladder to the top bunk. They go back to sleep together until they’re ready to come downstairs and get me or Shawn up. There wasn’t room for that kind of brother bonding in Bug’s toddler bed, and my heart just melts every time they do it.



And now since I’ve figured out why the smell of poop is following me around, I need to go change. Here’s hoping the rest of my day is a little less poop-filled, and the rest of your day is wonderfully poo-free!


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