happy monday!

Because I just figured out how to transfer photos from my phone to my computer, I must still inundate you with pics I’ve had stored on my phone for over a year. The following pictures have no theme, but I still apparently deemed them important enough to keep on my phone. Worth it? You be the judge:

[J. Bug during Christmastime last year. We have a photo of him at 6 weeks old in this basket. Imagine those cheeks on a 6 week old and I think you’ll understand why I insisted on kissing them every chance I got/get.]

[Serwa Chic was invited to take part in a craft show around Christmas time last year. It was so much fun and I felt so professional!]

[As we were packing up to move from our rental house to the house we own, I found the above photo in some random box. I love this photo so much because 1} I vaguely remember getting those photos taken, and I remember my strong feelings of dislike toward the whole ordeal, and 2} Bug makes this exact face on a regular basis. It was a little shocking to see something as simple as a facial expression being passed down to my son. If he turns out to be half as stubborn as I am, the world is in trouble!]

[I took this photo at Christmastime. I know this because that red blanket is one of my favorite blankets in the world, and red is my favorite color in the world. Shawn will only let me decorate our living room in red {including with that blanket} from Christmas until Valentine’s Day. Our red couch pillows and throw blankets are so comfy though, and I love seeing pops of my favorite color scattered throughout the house!

Anyway, I digress. I took this photo because it’s such a rare occurence for J. Bug to lay on the couch. I know he’s sick when he stays in one place for more than five minutes, and clearly this particular illness was cause for not one, but two Mee-Hees. That’s some serious stuff. ]

Happy Monday!


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