flashback friday

A look at blog posts of yesteryear…


a letter to bug

Dear Bug,

Today, sweet son, you are nine months old. Nine months ago today, I gave birth to this:

the sweetest, cutest, grossest thing I’d seen in my entire life. And now, sweet boy…two teeth, blonder hair, and adorable giggles later, we have this:


This past month with you has been awesome, kiddo. Do you remember the time Mommy and Daddy took you to the park and swung (swang?swinged?) with you? Do you remember the time you giggled at Cole floppin’ around on the floor? Do you remember the time Mommy chased you saying, “I’m a getch you!” when you crawled froggy flopped across the floor? Do you remember the time you stuck your hand up in the air and waved “hello” to Katie? Do you remember the time you reached out to me and wanted me to hold you? Do you remember the time I was chopping up some food to put in the processor for you in the kitchen and you pulled up on my shorts and zerberted my knee?

We’ve had some great times together, haven’t we? You’re a joy to be around, and you make mine and Daddy’s hearts burst with love. Do you even know what we do? Sometimes, after you go to bed at night, Daddy and I talk all about you. We like to share the funny stuff you did that day, and sometimes we even spend our time watching videos of you doing cute stuff. I know you think we probably party it up out in the living room while you’re sleeping, but the truth is…we spend our time away from you…well, loving you.

You’re starting to walk by pushing your little roaring lion around, and you’re a pulling up machine. You’ve discovered a passionate interest in electrical cords, and an intense dislike for being left in a room by yourself. You’ve had all kinds of crazy food- papaya, avocados,cauliflower, potatoes, peas, kiwi, strawberries, and the list goes on – and you’ve decided that you’re not a big fan of green beans, but you love you some bananas. You’re also not the hugest fan of the sweet potato puffs yet, but you do enjoy practicing picking them up (although really, you just hit it several times until it sticks to your hand). And you ARE a big fan of the organic biter biscuits. I’m loving whoever invented those, ’cause it’ll keep you occupied for a good fifteen minutes.

Sweet Jbug, you’re saying, “Mama” with proficiency, and you’re working on the “puh…puh…puh” of Puppy. Even though we say it a million times a day, you’ve not shown any interest in saying, “Daddy” yet, but you sure do know who I’m talking about when I say it, and your excitement at his arrival is pretty stinkin’ adorable.

It’s crazy to see you growing and learning so much, sweetie. Daddy and I want you to know that we love you so much more than you know, and we’re so very proud of who you’re becoming. We’re so thankful that God gave you to us, and we’re so very excited to be a part of what He’s doing in your life.

We love you, Bug. Forever. 🙂


go ahead and admit it….

We have the cutest kid in the world.

It’s okay. I won’t tell your niece/nephew/child/grandchild/bestfriend’schild.


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