coming up for air

Just twelve short weeks after we began training and preparing for becoming a foster family, we will be licensed! Our licensing meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 4th, which means we can begin getting placement calls immediately after! It’s unbelievable to me that we’re finished with all of our pre-service training and paperwork. We did SO much work in such a short amount of time [the amount of training and paperwork we squeezed into twelve weeks is the same that often takes six to twelve months to complete], so we’re trying to catch our breath before the whirlwind and paperwork of having a placement begins.

Knowing that we had just a couple of weeks to come up for air, Shawn and I chose to have a low key Thanksgiving at home this year. We were invited to join a sweet family who prepares and serves hundreds of tamales to the homeless in downtown Ft. Worth on Thanksgiving morning, and we excitedly joined! We woke the boys up super early and filled our car with non perishable, pre-packaged food to hand out, and blankets/scarves/jackets. We walked through the streets of Ft. Worth and handed our items out to people who were gathering near the gospel mission and who were sleeping on the streets. This was really the first time the boys were old enough to actively minister, and my heart swelled to see their courage and compassion. Truthfully, they did most of the work in asking if people would like food and handing it out. I just walked alongside my two little ministers and watched them growing before my eyes. What a wonderful way to celebrate Thanksgiving together!

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We skyped/face-timed with our extended families in Ohio and Indiana throughout the day, and I stayed busy prepping our delicious dinner! I served all of our favorite foods – turkey, stuffing, baked sweet potatoes, homemade rolls, roasted green beans, homemade apple pie, and a homemade cranberry/apple tart. Our sweet Cohen [the food lover of the family] thoroughly enjoyed all the food and let us know throughout the day how VERY thankful he is for the holiday of Thanksgiving!

And now, here we are. Just four short days before we’re licensed, feeling overwhelmingly nervous and excited. I can’t wait to share more of our journey with you, and can’t thank you enough for being a part of our story thus far!


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