Letters To My Kids (Cohen)

My sweet boy,

Man, do I love being your Mommy. Your smile (which is down another tooth, bottom right) gets me every single time, stops me in my tracks and makes me remember what a blessing my role as a Mother really is. For being such a ninja-loving, brother-tackling, vengeance-seeking six year old boy, you have the most incredibly tender of hearts and softest of spirits. You see the world with eyes that are looking to help, to make better, and to stand up for righteousness. I love that about you. I love that your heart beats not only as a warrior – fierce, passionate, and capable, but also as a rescuer – compassionate, gentle, and loving. I see you striving hard to have a heart after God’s own heart and to fight for righteousness. Cohen, God has used you to convict and challenge my heart on several occasions. You love God’s word. You love God’s word maybe even more than you love mac ‘n cheese, and we both know you do not take your mac ‘n cheese love lightly. You love His word, you love discovering more about God’s heart and His ways, the things He has done and the things He’s said are yet to come. And when you read something in God’s word that shows you the things you’re doing aren’t in obedience to Him, you don’t ignore it. You don’t justify it away, and you don’t just decide that it doesn’t matter. You, my six year old little Christ follower, you change. You say, “Oh, I didn’t realize I shouldn’t be doing that (or should be doing that).” Then you just up and change your actions. Sometimes it takes a few days, sometimes a few weeks, sometimes it’s instantaneous. But you work at it until it’s changed, because just the knowledge of God’s ways and the desire to be close to Him is enough for you. Kiddo, there are middle aged Christians who struggle with that very thing. Sometimes I struggle with that very thing. I love your heart, I love your spirit, I love how passionately and purposefully you pursue God.

You make my day brighter and my heart lighter, Cohen. I love you.




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