“thank you” isn’t enough

I’ve been writing and re-writing this post for a couple of weeks now, doing my best to convey the depths of my gratitude. There are few times in my life when I’ve been left wordless, unable to even write out how I’m feeling. This is one of those times.

What do you say when people leave anonymous boxes filled with clothes, books, bows, and pink toys on your doorstep? When you’re gifted with the cutest, sparkliest little girl clothes – both second-hand and brand new – by friends who knew how excited you’d be to dress a little girl after six years of dressing boys in jeans and button ups? How do you respond when a friend offers to donate proceeds of a scarf from her shop – and the scarf sells out in no time flat?

There aren’t sufficient words to describe how grateful we are for friends and family who have blessed us with car seats, toys, bedding, shoes, and gift cards. When we were first called about this placement being younger than we’d planned, I was concerned about how we’d be able to afford all the things this child would need.

Through you, God has provided tenfold.

It’s humbling to be in a position where all I have to give you in return is a tearful and genuine, “thank you.”

Thank you for taking the stress of all the “things” we needed to get off of our shoulders so we could focus on our little girl and her emotional needs. Thank you for texting me to ask how you could pray for her, and then actually praying. Thank you for crying tears of both joy and heartache with me. Thank you for the surprise amazon packages that just show up on our doorstep  – thank you for wanting to so sweetly bless our little girl even though you live far away. Thank you not getting annoyed at the copious amount of photos I send you. Thank you for asking how she’s doing, and also asking how the boys are doing. Thank you for offering to babysit. Thank you. 

Thank you for loving her so fiercely.

Thank you for loving our family so fiercely.

With open arms, a humble spirit, and an overwhelmingly grateful heart, I say to you – the very hands and feet of Jesus

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 


Family Drawing

A few days ago, Jude excitedly showed me what he drew during his rest time:


In his words, “This is Cohen, me, Daddy, Mommy, and my foster brothers or sisters. I put an “x’ on each of the boys, but since I don’t know what our foster brothers or sisters will be, I didn’t put anything there yet. And I know it looks like we’re wearing diapers, but that’s just our pants.”

My sweet boy. I love watching his heart growing for the rest of our family.