did you guess correctly?

Here’s another hint to help you guess where we ate for Bear’s birthday dinner:

Dude, we love us some In ‘N Out. Their animal style cheeseburger is hands down the best burger I’ve ever had. Plus, they gladly give kiddos cool hats [that sometimes the adults steal]. 

Since this was such a special occasion, we allowed the boys to get a milkshake. Of course, it wasn’t until after Bear had finished his that we remembered we were trying to limit his dairy consumption. He had a chronic, very painful, very raw diaper rash that would not go away. After some experimenting and talking with his pediatrician, we realized he still has a lactose intolerance.

Oops. Happy Birthday, Bear. Here’s a painful diaper rash because your parents are forgetful. 

Actually, we slathered on the diaper cream and for the next 48 hours didn’t give him any other form of diary and he was okay. The little guy was SO excited about that milkshake, yet he still sweetly shared with his Daddy:

Bug thoroughly enjoyed his milkshake as well, though he was mostly all about that hat:

After dinner, we headed home for birthday cupcakes and presents! Here is Bear’s reaction to being allowed to have more sugar on his birthday than he’s normally allowed in a month:

The boys were so sweet as they opened Bear’s birthday presents, and we had so much fun watching them discover new things:

Bear spent the most time playing with stickers that came in a card from Grammy and Grampy. I hope these boys never lose their love for the simple things in life:


[I think he’s at the same time fascinated and frightened.]

So Bear is now officially two years old! A couple of weeks after his birthday, I started noticing a serious attitude was developing. He began telling me, “no” when I asked him to do things and started to just flat out disobey me. Poor Bug [and Dallas, our dog] are often the victims of misplaced aggression, and I was doing my best to think through what might be causing a sudden shift of behavior.
It suddenly hit me that the Terrible Two’s had indeed caught up with my sweet Squidgy. He’s suddenly aware that he has his own opinions and agenda, and is more than happy to vocalize when he and I disagree. We’ve mostly nipped it in the bud with consistent expectations and discipline, but it sure did throw me for a loop to see my typically easy-going Bear turn into a fit-thrower.
Balancing independence with obedience is all a part of growing up though, so I’m certain this won’t be the end of our…ahem…disagreements. Each day of that boy’s life is a blessing to our family though, and I wait with eager expectation to see how God will work and move in my sweet Co-Co Bear. 
Happy 2nd Birthday, kiddo! You bring so much joy and love into our lives, and we are so very grateful for your life!

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